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My story


About me

Hello, my name is Jaya Kumari Roy, I am 36 years old, and I am a freelance beautician. Before being a freelance beautician, I worked as a social worker in a non-government organisation. The service wasn’t feeding me well, so I decided to change my means of living and choose a beautician. At first, I went to a makeup parlour and got myself taught, and made my network there. Then I left the parlour and became a freelance beautician.

My business

My business name will be “Run to you beauty bar”. I am already a freelance beautician and I want to accelerate more in the business, so to achieve that I want to have more options in my makeup. I would like to start a mobile beauty salon. I want to offer a wide range of treatments, including various beauty treatments, make-up for different occasions and hair styling. My studio is not tied to a fixed location, I come to the clients home or at another desired location.

My dream

I no longer want to be a freelancer; I want to obtain my own beauty salon.

My environment

When I was an adult, I lost both my parents, and all the responsibility of the household rested on me. I did all sorts of work to earn money to feed my family. Through hard labour, I rented a house where my brother, his household and I lived together.

My finances

At the moment I earn an average of ₹5000 (€ 65) per month as a freelancer. Too little to make ends meet and to invest in new products. Because of this I can only offer a limited number of treatments.

Kolkata is a big city with a lot of wealth. Beauticians are in high demand. Within this field you can build up a large and stable customer base and earn a good income.

I expect the profit in the first year to be an average ₹30,000 (€ 390) per month. Of this money I want to invest 10% in another woman in India. The amount that remains is more than enough to live on and to save for future expenses.

To be able to start I need different products to be able to offer all the desired treatments.

The amount of my campaign is structured as follows:
€ 540, – Make-up and associated products
€ 231 – Products for beauty treatments
€ 166 – Products for hair care and styling
€ 94 – Travel expenses business coach
€187 – Coaching by Purple
€ 94 – Transfer


Jaya Roy

I am Jaya and I would like to start a mobile beauty salon.

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