Sushma Kujur

Chicken Farm

My story


About me

I am Sushma, 59 years old. I have been a widow since 15 years. I have two daughters, Roslin who is 29 years old and Jemima, who is 26. My son Johannes 22 years old.

When my husband died, our three children were still small. Right now my eldest daughter is married and she is pregnant with her first child. My second daughter end son are living with me.

My business

I have had a dream to start a chickenfarm for quite a while now. I would like to start with 50-60 chickens and some roosters. There is a local breed called ‘Disi’ chicken. These are stronger than ‘boiler’ chicken, take less work and will give more profit.

My dream

With this business my family has enough to live on. My dream is to be able to have an open hand for others.

My environment

I used to live in a bungalow in Jhangsaipur, a place which is a 3 hour drive from Ranchi. In 1998, when my children were still small, my husband got his first heart attack. In 2007 he died. At the time my children were 15, 11 and 9 years old. It was a really difficult time and I had to choose if I would go back to my village, where there wouldn’t be proper education for the children, or stay in Ranchi. I chose to stay in Ranchi, where we were living in a small house. My father used to send me rice. I got involved with an NGO, where I made ₹3000,- a month. It was hard to work for the NGO, because I didn’t speak English and I didn’t have the right skills. Because I stopped working there, they told me I couldn’t stay there any longer. My husbands insurance paid out ₹100.000 and several people helped me to buy the house I now live in, so I don’t have to pay rent.

My finances

Before I had a small stationary shop, but I didn’t make any profit. With this chicken farm I expect to earn ₹52.000 per month.

The amount of my campaign is structured as follows:
€625 – Bouw schuur
€625 – Plaatsen hek
€312 – Aanschaf kippen, kuikens en hanen
€156 – Reiskosten businesscoach
€313 – Begeleiding Purple


Sushma Kujur

Ik ben Sushma en ik wil graag een kippenboerderij beginnen.

Campaign status


De plannen voor de constructie van het hek en de schuur zijn gemaakt en er is een aannemer gevonden die dit wil gaan bouwen. Ik wacht nu op de datum dat de arbeiders kunnen beginnen met het werk.

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